A few weeks ago, my friend, Catherine O, contacted me about joining her new initiative. In her experience in the blogging world, she noticed that there was big disconnect between young bloggers and midlife bloggers. Catherine is now bringing people of all ages together – one midlifer and one millennial (give or take a few years in my case 😉 – in a mentorship program called “Bridging the Gap”. I thought it was a beautiful idea, so I immediately said yes! She paired me up with actress-songwriter-creator-hat maker-comedienne Mindy Fradkin this month. We’ve been able to chat on the phone a few times about our past and current projects, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time getting to know her!

There is a lot to learn about Mindy. She started out in the fashion industry styling for photo shoots, TV, and film. People at work noticed that she had a knack for comedy, and told her that she needed to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. So began a journey of stand up comedy and one woman shows! She’s the founder of The Smile Revolution, which raises conscious awareness to the healing power of a sweet smile. She’s a former radio show host. Her custom designed hats have been sold at places like Nordstrom since 1991. The list goes on and on.

But the thing that excites me the most about Mindy at the moment is the fact that she just put up her one woman show, “AGELESS WONDERS – When Did I Become a Senior?”, in New York. It addresses ageism in America, but more importantly, the show encourages the audience to take pride, ownership, and joy in their age, no matter the number. We are all ageless wonders! I haven’t experienced much age discrimination yet (beyond hearing close minded people naggingly tell me that “anyone over 21 in the music industry is too old” every once in a while), but I have seen family and friends fall victim to it – in the corporate world and in the theater and music industries – over and over again. Tired of our culture exclusively worshipping and revering youth, Mindy wrote this play to raise awareness and give power back to all generations.

I was lucky enough to be able to catch some clips of her show. She is laid back, unpretentious, and conversational with her audience. It just feels like she is sitting down to have coffee with new friends, and it’s really refreshing.

One of my favorite moments was when she talked about how she disliked the label “senior citizen” and encouraged the audience to help her come up with a new, beautiful, empowering name for a person with a lifetime of experience. As someone who has struggled with labels her whole life, it was nice for me to hear someone say that changing your own perception was a simple, positive step in the right direction.

The sold out show was met with wild success! Mindy is now exploring other venues and festivals for her piece. I’m excited to follow her journey. I have no doubt that this relatable show will take her to new and exciting places, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next! Check her out at www.theprincessofwow.com if you’re looking for a smile today :).

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